Are you looking for a holistic remedy for your diseases?

allergies, cough, asthma, wheezing..heartburn, digestion problems, reflux, migraines, eczema, psoriasis, constant aches and pains…diabetes, hypertension, cholesterol…learning disorders, neurological disorders, depression…

Holistic care and wellness with Homeopathy

We all want to be healthy and live our life to the fullest with a constant feeling of well-being. We are a complex of body, mind and spirit. Our bodies are not just mechanical in nature but have a living vibrating “Life-force” within them. They have an inherent intelligence that sustains the physical well-being. Like when we get a cut on our hand, a clot forms naturally. If we are allergic to something, the body responds by sneezing to throw the substance out of our system. If we have a high fever, it’s the body fighting against the intruder. The body intelligence keeps us healthy. Many a times, we get a recurring illness because our immunity is compromised in some way.

Homeopathy is a system of medicine that works on restoring the immunity of the body. The method was founded by Dr. Samuel Hahnmann and is a scientifically proven system of medicine based on reproducible experiments over 200 years. It triggers the body to heal itself. The remedy offers a relief from the root cause of the disease, automatically relieving the symptoms.

In this system of medicine, the process of recovery is aided from the perspective of the person rather than the disease, making the approach holistic. The remedies are non drowsy and non habit forming, hence safe for babies and pregnant women. It works on the principle that a substance that produces disease in a person produces a curative response in a person with a similar disease.

Homeopathy works effectively for the ailments mentioned below and more.

  • Common ailments- cough, cold, sinusitis, bronchitis, asthma, migraines, gastric reflux, hyperacidity, aches and pains, minor cuts and burns
  • Female reproductive problems
  • Paediatric health
  • Lifestyle diseases like diabetes, hypertension
  • Neurological and psycological disorders


“Homeopathy is a holistic science. The remedies work with the body, mind and spirit so beautifully, that it is fascinating to observe and experience. My mission is to spread awareness about this science and use it to help people become healthy and happy.” -Dr. Anu Chalke(B.H.M.S), Ensign Homeopathy Center, 221 Queensway, Singapore 276750

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“If I was made to choose which therapy we saw the most results with (of the dozen we have tried for Bodhi’s autism) I’d instantly answer “Homeopathy with Dr. Anu Chalke”. Without hesitation or doubt I’d answer this way. We saw the most amazing improvements to his condition after his first remedy and treatment with Anu. We found ourselves in a continual state of joy and blessed surprise as our 5 year old son just blossomed, healed and came back to us! The eye contact increase alone was astounding. He went from a hyperactive, not potty trained, meltdown prone, little eye contact, uncoordinated, limited speech and social skill child…. to an engaged, more calm, focused and fully present little boy.”
Susan Lynn Fleck and Timothy Spier, USA
“My two sons, age 12 and 5 respectively, have been seeing Dr Anu since early 2011. My eldest saw her for attention and emotional issues which affects his learning and concentration. He also has chronic sinus allergy problems. My younger son, saw Dr Anu for a repeated cold and cough cycle that was quite persistent. Both boys’ conditions improved after seeing Dr Anu. Her diagnosis is very accurate and the remedy she prescribed is very effective. I find Dr Anu very helpful, supportive and always very positive. I am grateful to her for making my sons better.”
Mrs Hui H Low,Singapore, Singapore

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