The first homeopathic consultation aims at understanding the client as an individual, as much as understanding the complaints. It lasts between 45 minutes to an hour, depending on how prepared you are to share.


Dr. Anu forms a picture of you based on your medical history, dietary habits, lifestyle, emotional responses to various circumstances. The more details that you share , the easier it is to match a remedy to you. Be prepared to talk about yourself!

It might help to center yourself and spend some time understanding and maybe listing down important observations about yourself and your environment , your reaction to your disease-what lessens your symptoms and what aggravates them , your emotional responses -how do you feel with and without the symptoms, before you arrive for the first consultation.

If needed, she will probe further on areas of your life relevant to the disease and you can share as much as you are comfortable sharing. The more, the better since a homeopathic remedy has to be tweaked for all such information.


It is necessary to monitor whether a remedy is working or not and if not, to tune and tweak to get the right remedy. The science is infallible and all remedies are proven, so there’s always a matching remedy.

As found over the years of practice, if the clients give sufficient time, the diseases reduce in their frequency and intensity. The key here is to wait, watch and tweak the treatment over a sufficient period of time, to see favorable results.


Follow up consultation can be scheduled depending on the frequency and intensity of the disease. It is always a good idea to convey the changes in your symptoms when the remedy is being used as the information may help shorten the duration of the treatment.

Since it helps to keep in touch about your condition once the treatment starts, please feel free to connect with Dr. Anu during the course of the treatment.


All client information is kept confidential.


Dr. Anu currently provides consultation through Ensign Hoemeopathy Center, 121, Queensway, Singapore 276750. You can contact Dr. Anu for a private consultation via phone +65  91454063 and email- She also provides online consultation via skype -anu.chalke.

For patients outside Singapore, the medicines will be made available by courier or if required, she can provide references of nearby places from where medicines can be purchased.

You can also ask any queries through the contact form provided at the link here . Dr. Anu will get back to you as soon as possible.