Homeopathy works on the principle of  ‘Similia Similbus Curentur’  i.e. ‘Like cures like’. A substance that can produce disease in a healthy person can lead to a healing response in a person with a similar disease. This method was founded by Dr. Samuel Hahnmann (1755-1843). It is a scientifically based system of healing- based on reproducible experiments over 200 years. Homeopathy rests on the belief that when a person is sick, it is the whole person i.e. body, mind and spirit that is sick and the cause does not lie only with the physical body. Hence, symptom picture of the homeopathic remedy is matched to the symptom picture of the body as well as to the specific/unique characteristics of that person. The aim is to treat the energy body of that unique person as a whole. Matching the remedies hence involves a process called individualization. So, in essence two different people showing the same symptoms of a disease may need to be given different remedies because of their individual characteristics and response to the disease.


The diagnosis rests on the symptoms of the disease as well as the characteristics of the individual like dietary habits, sleep patterns, responses to certain situations, patterns of fears or anxiety , emotional responses, attitude towards life and also how a patient thinks and feels. An accurate diagnosis is possible only when the patient shares this information with the practitioner. A unique remedy is then matched to these symptoms and signs.

Homeopathy can help in the recovery of complaints like sinusitis, gastritis , asthama, bronchitis , migraines, gastric reflux, minor cuts and bruises , menstrual complaints , antenatal care , labor etc


Generally only one remedy is given at a time because only one remedy corresponds perfectly to the total picture of a patient. The remedy is prepared through a process of dilution and potentisation. The natural substance from the plant, animal or mineral kingdom is diluted with water or alcohol and is shaken vigorously to release the ‘vital energy’ of the substance. This process of diluting and shaking imparts considerable energy to each substance, which can then be used to treat the patient at the energetic level. The remedies are available in drops, grains or granules form. The medicine may be taken once or repeated once every four hours or so , depending on the need. It is necessary to follow the instructions carefully and not take more or less than the recommended dose. The medicine must  be taken half an hour after ingesting something and nothing should be ingested until about half an hour after the medicine is taken, since even the smell or taste of food interferes with the effectiveness of the medicine. The medicine should be stored away from extreme heat or cold, and away from substances having strong odors. They may be best kept in separate boxes,  away from other medicines, so that they stay effective for long. It is advised to avoid any other homeopathic medicine along with the prescribed remedy. If some other symptoms need treatment, the practitioner should be approached for treatment rather than self medicating oneself.

Some of the common homeopathic remedies are Arnica, Arsenicum album,  Atgentum Nitricum, Silicea, Rhus tox, Bryonia, Chamomila, Nux comics, Pulsatilla,  Lycopodium, Calcarea Carbonicum, Calcarea sulphuricum, Sulphur, Magnesium phosphoricum, Phosphorus .


Since homeopathy works on the person as a whole, the aim of the treatment is to eliminate the cause of the disease, rather than just treat the symptoms. Since it involves complex factors like a person’s unique character, the matching of an exact remedy is subject to the information a person shares. Hence, a little amount of tweaking may be required as the person starts sharing more. Over a period of time though as the energy body cures, the frequency and intensity of the disease reduces and eventually the disease is cured. It has also been seen that the symptoms gradually disappear totally and the body’s immunity improves with homeopathic remedies. There are no side effects to a homeopathic remedy since every remedy is individualized and is given in very small doses with as few repetitions as possible. It is also easy for children and elderly people to ingest.


It is advised that self  medication should be avoided. If a person is given a remedy for his/her cold say, the same remedy may or may not work for another person’s cold, since the remedies are individualized. A wrong remedy may also lead to side effects or worsening of symptoms. It is safer to always ask the homeopathic practitioner first , before using an over the counter remedy.