“If I was made to choose which therapy we saw the most results with (of the dozen we have tried for Bodhi’s autism) I’d instantly answer “Homeopathy with Dr. Anu Chalke”.  Without hesitation or doubt I’d answer this way.  We saw the most amazing improvements to his condition after his first remedy and treatment with Anu.  We found ourselves in a continual state of joy and blessed surprise as our 5 year old son just blossomed, healed and came back to us!  The eye contact increase alone was astounding.  He went from a hyperactive, not potty trained, meltdown prone, little eye contact, uncoordinated, limited speech and social skill child…. to an engaged, more calm, focused and fully present little boy.  People cannot tell upon meeting him now that he has autism.  I remember crying in Anu’s office because one day, after his second treatment, he really looked at the exhibits in the Natural History Museum instead of racing through and having 40 minute meltdowns.  He really saw the displays for the fist time and even asked questions!  I couldn’t even tell her the news without tears falling.  Not only am I floored with the results of his treatment with Dr Anu, I am thrilled because it is the most affordable and least labor intensive therapy of all we tried.  I want every parent who has a child with autism to a) have hope, and b) go see Dr Anu for your child.  This happy 6 year old boy  is now sleeping through the night, engaging in imaginary play with his brother, having full conversations, playing baseball, reading a level above his grade,  swimming with great form and he even rode a two wheel bike with no training wheels yesterday!  We just celebrated our year anniversary of meeting with Dr Anu and I have to declare, calling her was the most solid parenting decision I ever made.  She changed our son’s life.  Her treatments altered his course to one of health and wellness and put his broken little body on the way to healing itself.  My older son has his brother back.  My husband and I have our son back and far less worry.  Most importantly, Bodhi has a future that is bright, full of hope and is without limits. “Susan Lynn Fleck and Timothy Spier
“My  two sons, age 12 and 5 respectively, have been seeing Dr Anu since early 2011.  My eldest saw her for attention and emotional issues which affects his learning and concentration.  He also has chronic sinus allergy problems.   My younger son, saw Dr Anu for a repeated cold and cough cycle that was quite persistent. Both boys’ conditions improved after seeing Dr Anu. Her diagnosis is very accurate and the remedy she prescribed is very effective.  I find Dr Anu very helpful, supportive and always very positive.  I am grateful to her for making my sons better.” – Mrs Hui H Low,Singapore
”My name is Lourdes and I live in Bangalore, India.  I know Anu Chalke since 2002, in Singapore, when I met her for the first time.  She was recommended to me by a common friend when I needed to see a homeopath.  Anu started treating me for Vitiligo  and has, over the course of time, treated other complaints as well.  Personally, it is very important for me to have confidence in my doctor and be able to share a comfortable relationship.  Anu is that kind of a person.  She inspires confidence and makes you feel at ease.  She is someone you can tell your complaint to and stop worrying about it because you know she will take care of it. Although I moved to India from Singapore, she continued to treat me from Singapore and now does so from the US.   If you need a good homeo doctor, go to Anu! ” – Lourdes, India
“I have been consulting Anu for homeopathic treatment of my son since the last 5 years. I found her to be very knowledgeable, caring, extremely patient and committed. Her diagnosis and prognosis has been accurate. She was also always available to render advice when needed.” – Gazala, Singapore
“My daughter first started eczema when she turned 3. I was very anxious for her. Then a friend introduced me to Anu. After seeing Anu for a few times my daughter was much better. She was very supportive and encouraging and listened to me whenever I called her or wanted to see her even on a short notice.” -Mili, Singapore
“I approached Dr Anuradha for my son Atharva (now 5) 3 years back. He used to repeatedly get rashes, cough, cold, high fever, throat infection or ear infection but thanks to her medicines, his frequency of getting a cold reduced. Usually, high fever worries parents, it worried me too, but she guided me every time by keeping in touch and giving me confidence and support to move on. She is a very patient doctor, and gives sufficient time to her patients and her ever smiling enthusiastic nature makes you comfortable allowing you to confide in her. I wish her all the best in her career!!! “- Shilpa, Singapore
“I was introduced to Anu by a dear friend. I went to her for my 6 year old daughter, who has a history of allergies and cold and also for my younger 3 year old daughter who was getting frequent colds after starting kindergarten. Anu helped me with their problems and the frequency and intensity of allergies reduced a lot for both of them. I ended up getting my migraine treated too, and the attacks have practically stopped. Throughout this, Anu has been very supportive, caring , accessible and ever ready to help, ending up as a very dear friend now. I still continue to consult her for everyone in my family, even though she has now moved to the US“  – Gauri, Singapore
“I have been taking Homeopathic medicine for my children and myself from Dr. Anuradha Chalke for the past 3 years. She has very good knowledge of the subject and is also good at diagnosing and hitting the correct remedies. Unlike other homeopaths, she believes in Classic Homeopathy and treats with single medications in low doses, which cures the patient without any side effects. Dr. Anuradha is a communicative and approachable person. She is also analytical. She has always been more than a doctor to my children and me.  Honestly, after many experiences from past homeopaths that I have consulted, I think Dr. Anuradha is the best homeopath I’ve met so far.”- Yugandhara Parab